360 Solar Tracking Power for Life

Konza Solar Trackers – The Portable Automatic Solar Tracker

The Konza Dual Axis Solar Tracker is undeniably unique:

  • Continuous 360° solar tracking
  • Fully automatic
  • Mobile or stationary mount

Some solar trackers follow the sun but aren’t portable.
Other solar trackers are portable but don’t follow the sun.

Meet the Konza — the first and only dual axis solar tracker designed to move with you.

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By efficiently following the sun’s light no matter where it sits in the sky, the Konza Solar Tracker converts the sun’s rays into energy you take with you. Whether grid-tied or operating remotely, you power your life with sunlight.


The Konza Portable Solar Tracker is the first and only dual axis tracker that requires zero orientation to work. The Konza will harvest more power anywhere, under any weather conditions, and it’s totally automatic.


Choose from four Konza Solar Tracker models. Depending on how much energy you need, these patented, efficient solar trackers can be tailored to fit your application.

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