Tilt and Roll

The patented Konza design uses Tilt and Roll dual axis motion. This lets the Konza Solar Tracker enjoy continuous 360° tracking around the Horizon and 57° tilt from horizontal. No wires twist because the Konza has no azimuth drive. It simply tilts and rolls to maximize harvest.

Dynamic Tracking

Every five minutes, the Konza Controller measures the luminescence of the entire sky. Then it orients your modules to within 1/2 degree of maximum available irradiance. Given the infinite variety of atmospheric conditions in your sky, the direct normal line of sight to the sun is often not the orientation that will yield the maximum amount of energy. Diffuse lighting from snow, clouds, and nearby objects will add significantly to your energy production.

Zero Maintenance

The Konza has no bearings to grease. All the actuator components are sealed for life with either IP54 or IP65 water and dust protection. Simplicity is our advantage.

Konza Tracker Specs

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